At Lewis There鈥檚 Purpose in Learning

Lewis graduates are highly sought after. They are known for their compassion, concern, hands-on experience, and professional expertise. They bring these qualities to solve problems and lead lives of significance and impact for a better world. Founded on a spirit of innovation, Lewis continues to grow career-focused undergraduate and graduate programs that match the needs of society.

100+ Academic Programs
14:1 Student-faculty ratio
300+ Employers recruit annually

"The coursework is designed to make you feel like you鈥檙e in the industry already, not like you鈥檙e in school."

- Tiana Dockery, 鈥23


Lewis have my Major?

Here, there are many ways for you to achieve your personal and professional dreams. From B.S. to M.S., our mission is always about helping you be successful, expanding your opportunities and potential, and equipping you with the knowledge and skills to adapt and change for the careers of today and tomorrow.



Pilots, teachers, nurses, accountants 鈥 the list goes on. Go beyond outcomes and gain the confidence and skills you need by getting involved in hands-on activities and real-world projects, no matter your major.

Hear From Lewis Students

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