More than 20 Club Sports provide undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to learn, participate and compete against other schools in a variety of team sports. The clubs have coaches and are partially-funded by the University. Some clubs also have individual dues and fundraising activities that supplement University funding.


Lewis Club Archery was founded in 2018, revamped in 2019. The club now has a special shooting range on campus. Under the Instruction of Dr. Christy Roberts, students will learn the ancient art of Archery. The club is noncompetitive/social at this time. Contact Dr. Roberts for meeting times and club participation details.

Contact: Faculty Representative 鈥 Dr. Christy Roberts at


Lewis Club Badminton is divided into two sections - Competitive and noncompetitive. Competitive badminton is currently not a part of a league; however, the team practices with the intention of traveling and becoming a competitive club sport in the future. The noncompetitive league on the other hand is focused on simply playing the sport for fun and exercise.

Contact: Lauryn Luansomkham at


Lewis Club baseball is a recreational club sport for those that enjoy playing baseball and staying active. The club intends on joining the NCBA to join the ranks of the many other competitive club baseball teams in the area.

Contact (if interested): Jill Siegfried at

Basketball (Men's) (INACTIVE)

Lewis Club basketball is a noncompetitive club that meets for the love of the game. Participants are welcome to get together and enjoy playing basketball with fellow fans of the sport.

Contact: Jill Siegfried at

Bass Fishing

Lewis Club Bass Fishing is a club that intends to get together with other fellow students that enjoy fishing. The club travels to local lakes and fishing spots for competitive fishing. The club does have a boat and travels to many locations throughout the fishing season.

Contact: Ryan Scimeca at

Beach Volleyball (INACTIVE)

Lewis Club Beach Volleyball is a noncompetitive club sport that welcomes students to enjoy the outdoor volleyball courts on Lewis University鈥檚 campus. The club typically meets during the warmer weather but can practice indoors when the weather is not conducive.

Contact: Ryan Lees at

Belegarth (INACTIVE)

We are a Co-Rec/Co-Ed on campus LARPing group where the role play is optional. A safe, dynamic, fast paced, full contact sport. Think paintball with swords! Practice is typically Monday and Friday from 3p.m.-6p.m.聽 Come and go as you need. Weather permitting competition takes place outside on the green in front of the Rec Center, or inside the Fieldhouse on court 3.

Contact: Ryan Lees at


Lewis Chess club is a noncompetitive club sport that welcomes all students. There is no experience level requirement for this club. All are welcome to come and try the sophisticated game of chess.

Contact: Charles Fanning at


Contact: Venkatesh Ankathi at or Harsha Ponnuru at

Dungeons & Dragons

Advisor: Bob Barton (Faculty Advisor) at and Joseph Sayyed at

Flyerettes Dance Team

The Flyerettes Dance team provides game time and half-time entertainment at Lewis Soccer and Basketball games. The team practices twice a week learning choreography, working on technique, and preparing for game day. The team is also involved in fundraising, community events, and various team bonding opportunities throughout the season.


Golf (Co-Ed) (INACTIVE)

Lewis Club Golf is a noncompetitive club sport that welcomes students to enjoy playing golf with friends. This sport is co-ed and welcomes all levels of experience.

Contact (if interested): Jill Siegfried at

Ice Hockey

Lewis currently has 1 team 鈥 participating in ACHA D2. Teams practice twice weekly at Canlan Ice in Romeoville. The teams play a rigorous schedule competing against a variety of schools in Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Games are typically played at home on Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Tryouts are typically held in August prior to the start of school.


Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu Club practices twice weekly in the Group Exercise Room of the Rec Center. You can obtain more information by contacting the team leaders:

Contact: Ryan Lees at

Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor Adventure is one of our newest clubs. We venture out on the weekends for kayaking, hiking, horseback riding, camping, paintball and skiing. Dues are based on the trips that you travel with the group and are nominal. For more information and to join the group contact: Amanda Sharkey at

Rugby (Men's)

Lewis Men's Rugby Club is a competitive club that gets together to stay active and enjoy playing Rugby with fellow fans of the sport. The club does play in a local conference.

Contact: Eric Spangler (Faculty Advisor) at


Contact: Cassandra Miller at

Rugby (Women's)

Contact: Eric Spangler (Faculty Advisor) at

Run Club (Co-Ed)

The Run Club is a newly established club at Lewis University. Run club provides a group setting for runs and workouts of all levels. Members can be competitive or non-competitive. Practices are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4 p.m. There is currently not a fee for participation.

Contact: Ryan Lees at

Scuba Diving

Lewis Club Scuba is a newly founded noncompetitive club. The club welcomes all students that are interested in learning how to scuba dive and use the complicated equipment that goes with the sport.

Contact: Eric Spangler at

Soccer (Men's)

Lewis Club Soccer is a long standing noncompetitive club that participates plays together. The club intends to join a competitive league in the future. The club's practice times vary so contact the captain for more details.

Contact: Xavier Gonzalez at

Soccer (Women's)

Lewis Club Soccer is a new club for women. They are currently recreational in nature. They are practicing weekly. They plan to join a local conference in the near future.

Contact: Nathaly Hernandez at

Table Tennis (Co-Ed)

Lewis Club Table Tennis is a noncompetitive club sport with the intention of becoming competitive in the future. Students are encouraged to come and play this recreational sport with fellow students in the Student recreation and Fitness Center.

Contact: Ryan Lees at


Contact: Eric Murgas at

Ultimate Frisbee (Co-Ed)

Ultimate typically practices once per week. They play in tournaments 3-4 times per semester. The tournaments are typically on Saturday and Sunday. The team dues vary based on the trips that you take with the team.

Contact: Devin Kenebrew at

Volleyball (Men's)

Lewis Men’s Club Volleyball is one of the prominent and competitive sports clubs at Lewis. Part of the Midwest Plains Valley Conference, Lewis has done very well over the years, earning two Conference Championships, one year including a high standing in the National tournament. They are looking to improve with new talent and optimized chemistry. The club hosts a home tournament in the fall, and potentially one of the conference tournaments in the spring. Practices are Tuesday and Thursday, 8-10 p.m. Competitions are scheduled with IU, Iowa, and Iowa State in fall and with SLU Mizzou in spring.

Contact: Jake Arrowood at or 630-631-2320

Volleyball (Women's)

The Women's Club Volleyball team officially started in 2016. While the team is still young, the players are very excited to see what the future holds for them! Practices are held twice a week and is determined based on the team availability. The team attends between 3-5 weekend tournaments each semester. This club is a great way to stay in shape, make friends, and continue to play the sport you love! The team is always looking to add experienced players, so feel free to reach out!

Water Polo (Co-Ed)

The Lewis Club Water Polo team is made up of players who played all through their high school career as well as players who have never picked up a water polo ball. Together the team meets up to help teach inexperienced players the sport, work on their skills, get in a workout, and most importantly, have fun. The club has competed against Harper Community College and plans to expand in size to compete against more clubs in the area. Practice is held on Wednesday nights.

Contact: Radoslaw Lucarz at

Weightlifting (Co-Ed)

Lewis Club Weightlifting is a co-ed club that welcomes all levels of experience. We aim to practice lifting for competitive prep as well as physical health. Practices are fluid but permanent meetup days are scheduled for Mondays at 11:00am and Fridays at 1:00pm.


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