The Lewis Experience

At Lewis University our focus is your success. The Lewis Experience is our commitment to providing you opportunities to ENGAGE with your campus community, EXPLORE intersections between your major and other courses, CONNECT your learning in the classroom with real-world experiences, DISCOVER your purpose, and SUCCEED while at Lewis and after you graduate. The Lewis Experience is part of the very fabric of us, and it works to help you see the world in new ways and to make your very own impact on it.

The Lewis Experience


Engaging with your University community is a key part of your success at Lewis. It’s the spirit behind our student organizations, club sports, campus ministry programs, recreation opportunities, health and wellness reSA国际传媒s, and more. When you’re surrounded by people who engage and inspire you, there’s no limit to what you can do.


As a student, you’ll explore the intersection between a liberal and a professional education. The skills gained in your foundational liberal arts courses will complement your major coursework, giving you the skills to succeed throughout your life. You’ll become a creative problem solver and critical thinker with a vision for a meaningful and purposeful life.聽


Connect your classroom experiences with opportunities to apply your learning to real-world problems. Learn how to do an ECG Screening with Young Hearts for Life. Partner with local service organizations in Fairmont and use your production talents to shed light on real issues. Get hands-on with aviation mechanics from Delta Tech Ops. Experiential learning opportunities can be found in faculty-led research, internships, student organizations, community engaged learning opportunities, and countless off-campus experiences. At Lewis, real experiences will be the link to your future profession and something you draw on throughout your career.


We’re not just helping students get a degree 鈥 we’re fostering a spirit of discovery and passion and helping you apply your passions to a fulfilling path after graduation. You’ll build the disciplinary knowledge and skills you need to create a successful career, but with a sense of calling and purpose 鈥 to serve you, your community, and the greater good.


Classes, finances, jobs, health and wellness, family responsibilities, friends 鈥 it’s a lot to balance. At Lewis, The Flyer Success Network takes advising and academic support to new heights. Inspired by our Lasallian charism, you’ll navigate college with the support of a dedicated Success Coach and a Faculty Mentor. Together, they will guide and mentor you as you work toward your goals. You’ll never fly alone on your journey to graduation.

We’d love to talk with you. Contact admission at (815) 836-5250 or email

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